JOIN: lts-valley_small (15/30)

Player Name Score Duration
HeroBoy 525 3h 08m 07s
Mangenta 250 1h 47m 13s
Dr J Liver 250 1h 41m 37s
W.B.Y | The Irish Canadian 575 1h 08m 01s
Kareem Abdul-Lavash 500 1h 06m 38s
"athousand" ★☭★ 450 1h 00m 41s
Crusader 350 1h 00m 32s
The FateWeaver 500 51m 21s
Draknirv, 200 45m 29s
SS- Schutze marc 250 12m 52s
Dude in disguise 425 12m 23s
Cheesus 0 5m 19s
Bagel the white cat 0 2m 46s
cDcRegAz 100 2m 30s
polarrobotfrog 0 2m 16s