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Player Name Score Duration
«£ž» Ivan The Terrible 65 4h 33m 01s
«£ž» THUNDER -10 2h 48m 13s
«£ž»☻☭Vac Me If You Can☭☻ 0 2h 02m 46s
Vq.| Tree 195 1h 22m 49s
therealGoron 30 52m 25s
CrashBandicunt -60 42m 03s
Player444 40 29m 26s
fascism on the rise 15 27m 21s
LSDeep 105 21m 06s
Axaxaxas Mlo 10 13m 22s
«£ž» ɔhad 70 10m 05s
Proby 30 8m 01s
Donkey -10 5m 58s
COOP 0 1m 09s
怒送圣剑 0 23s